Contact page (and replies to some frequently asked questions)

Please call or text me on 07957 127575,  or email me at for a no obligation quotation also any other queries, which I will be happy to answer. 
My address is: 2 Hall Lane, Dovercourt, Essex. CO12 3TE                                                                      
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Frequently asked questions..

Will the DJ arrive on time and play til the agreed time 

Yes I will, a contract is final, and being late is unprofessional. The contract I use is legally binding for both parties.

Enquiries, bookings and cancellations policy.

Between the initial enquiry and confirmed booking I require an agreed deposit to be paid. 

I keep the date open for 14 days, then if no deposit is received I close the booking.

Will DJ: Gavin Vaclavik play the songs I / we want ?.

I bring with me an ever expanding library of songs and am more than happy to play requests on the night.

It goes without saying that it's your night and your choice, but if the songs chosen are not working for the audience I will politely ask if I can try some ideas of my own. Also if you request "don't play _____", and people ask for it, I will ask you what you think, and I will only play it if you then tell me in person !

once you have made your booking, you may contact me as often as you like...  I am your DJ from the moment you book me !

If i book DJ: Gavin Vaclavik for a party with children will i need to see a criminal record history ?

If you hire anyone to work with children, you should always make sure they are safe, i have a clean criminal record history check, please ask.

What will happen if the equipment fails ?

In the unlikely event of this happening, I carry everything in duplicate, two laptops, the speakers are "active" (which means each has it's own built in amp), and all leads are duplicated. The lighting is LED, so no lamps to change.

Will i let anyone else use his equipment ?

Sadly not, my  equipment is professional quality and is required for my livelyhood.

But, if you have a performer booked who wishes to use my gear to sing / entertain then I happy to provide a microphone and stand and help with playing of backing tracks. 

Does DJ: Gavin Vaclavik have public liability insurance cover and PAT tested equipment ?

The answer is "yes" certificates are available on request.

Does DJ: Gavin Vaclavik have vehicle breakdown cover and a sat-nav and plan his route in advance ?

Yes I have a reliable and regular serviced vehicle, I also have full breakdown cover and I plan my route well in advance.


Once a price is agreed for the disco hire, a deposit of 50% is required, this deposit is non refundable (unless under certain circumstances). payment of balance is requested on the day of the booking. 

If the booking is cancelled a month before the event, then the balance wont be required to be paid.

If the booking is cancelled two weeks before the event, then 50% of the balance will be requested, for one week before then it's (100% to be paid).

You can pay by cash, cheque, payable to "G. C. Vaclavik", or via paypal or bank transfer (details available on request)

Confirmation of receipt / contract will be given upon the deposit being paid.

I am not VAT registered.

If I book DJ: Gavin Vaclavik, will I get him in person on the night to DJ for me?

Yes of course, if I am unfortunately unable to play due to and accident or illness, I will let you know as soon as is humanly possible and provide a DJ to perform for you. with or without my equipment, this will be agreed with you in advance of him / her arriving on the day.

Will the DJ dress appropriately for my booking ?

Without any question of doubt, i'm not a DJ who believes in performing wearing jeans, t-shirt and trainers. I will always wear a suit and black shoes, and bring a tie along just in case. 

 If you have more queries, please call / text me on 07957 127575 or email me at