Music requested, it's your choice 

The music you require for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary or event is a crucial part of making your event a success. 

Song requests are taken in advance and on the night, but please read the following ! 

Most of us have been to party and due to a number of reasons, the DJ plays the wrong music, but is this avoidable, well of course ! For your event, you should always meet the DJ in advance and talk to you about your musical tastes and also what you won't like to be played, a good DJ will listen to you and offer advice and help you on how to achieve the perfect nights entertainment.

When considering the music for your event, it is a common mistake to choose only the songs which you like, and believe your guests will like to listen to, but listening to the music is not the objective of an enjoyable night, motivating people of any age group to make their way to the dancefloor is the DJ's the ultimate goal.

If your favourite style of music is modern club - R'n'B, don't always expect that your family and guests will be just as captivated as you are, they may be oblivious to the current music scene and still hang onto their musical memories of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    If you have a particular genre of music you want to be played, and a choice of songs within that style, then please let me come up with a set and see what happens ?, usually 30 minutes to an hour is plenty, if the music is doing well, then I'm happy to extend the set further. 

My ultimate goal is to make your event special, unique, memorable and fun !

Testimonial from the wedding of Barry and Janice,

  "Gavin is a warm and friendly person and very professional. We gave him a list of all the songs we wanted played throughout the day and advised him off the type of music we didn't want to be played. He was extremely receptive to all our requests and everyone had a great time. We couldn't have asked for more."